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Presentation: “Industrial Control Systems Security In The Age Of Covid-19”

Industrial Control Systems security is the protection of critical infrastructure such as power grids, stadiums, public transit systems, oil pipelines, (basically any physical structure that hosts an important purpose or business) from being compromised by cybercriminals. This is a highly important area of cybersecurity, and with the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic, where mass populations are relying more on the internet and industrial control systems connected via networks, protecting critical infrastructure has never been more imperative.

Within this presentation, industrial control systems security is discussed in depth, with a focus on the effects and the process of the 2015 Ukrainian electrical power grid cyber attack.

In addition to organizations learning how to increase the security of their critical infrastructure, an interactive activity is included for users to “think like a hacker” in how they would attack the industrial control systems of an international soccer stadium. During the Covid-19 pandemic, with less people in a close physical vicinity, this presentation demonstrates how organizations can take advantage of this time to implement ICS security measures that will protect their critical infrastructure and the people that use them. Please enjoy!

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