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Book Review: "Tribe Of Hackers" By Marcus J. Carey & Jennifer Jin

Title: “Tribe Of Hackers”

Author: Marcus J. Carey & Jennifer Jin

Published: 2019


“Tribe Of Hackers” is an excellent read for those interested in entering a cybersecurity field or are just beginning their career in the industry. From authors Marcus J. Carey and Jennifer Jin, 70 interviews with infosec experts working at fortune-500 enterprises, private startups, government agencies, the military, and universities are compiled into one extremely useful book. Many of the information security professionals interviewed have achieved national or international esteem and have had to overcome past hardships in order to succeed. From different paths and diverse backgrounds, they gracefully share what they learned by answering questions like:

  • Do you need a college degree or certification to be a cybersecurity professional?

  • What is your specialty in cybersecurity, and how can others gain expertise in your specialty?

  • What is your advice for career success when it comes to getting hired, climbing the corporate ladder, or starting a company in cybersecurity?

  • What qualities do you believe all highly successful cybersecurity professionals share?

As noticeable from the questions, this book is mainly centered on career-oriented advice to help a beginning cyber professional navigate the “corporate trickiness” of working in cybersecurity today.


My basic thoughts on this book are: What an overwhelming amount of valuable information! You can’t go wrong flipping to any page and getting a small piece of advice that will majorly help you in your infosec career. With this in mind, I strongly recommend using a highlighter to focus on the things that most stand out to you as a reader. For example, here are some of my favorite quotes that I highlighted:

“This is a field that requires you to work hard. There is too much information, too many incidents, and many new tools and techniques being introduced. To keep up and be relevant, you have to work hard.” -Ming Chow #12
“Communication is super important. Being able to take highly complex technical concepts and communicate them so that everyone else can understand is part of our (the infosec) role.” -David Kennedy #33
“If you are an underrepresented minority and you are facing bias that forces you to demonstrate much more rigorously that you know what you’re talking about, (rather than someone giving you the benefit of the doubt), having those pieces of paper may be necessary.” - Wendy Nather #46 (On certifications) Tribe Of Hackers, Marcus J. Carey & Jennifer Jin

For any beginner that is entering this field, it is always a good idea to read up on what the industry is like and to learn from others that are already active in it. This book is a perfect way to gain some starting exposure in the infosec world.





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