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AI Startup “” Creates Essential Covid-19 Health Model

INTRODUCTION -an AI and healthcare startup- has been busy contributing to the fight against Covid-19. According to MIT news (the source of this article), has created a model that helps health organizations identify most at risk cases of Covid-19 in a given area. The model is called the “C-19 Index”, and it is a vital open source tool for analyzing millions of people, determining which are at the highest-risk levels of catching the virus, and helping hospitals know the exact amount of resources needed to treat such patients.


Founded in 2017, differs from other AI startups for its extended knowledge of the healthcare industry. In specifically devoting its attention to the health sector, understands the problems of AI pertaining to the healthcare industry, and is better acquainted to help healthcare organizations implement the right technology.

Like any other organization, companies in healthcare want to implement AI but stall at the questions of how to do so and what technology to invest in. helps healthcare orgs and hospitals choose the correct machine learning algorithms to generate correct results with their data.


In viewing the difficulty that all hospitals and health organizations are currently dealing with,’s C-19 Index could be a solution to managing the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Health care organizations are using the platform to estimate the number of high-risk patients in order to prepare for them in advance, as well as using the model to inform the most vulnerable groups (elder citizens and citizens with severe medical conditions) of protection against the virus.

The AI technology used to create the C-19 Index appears to be regression.

A regression algorithm takes input data, passes it through a predictive model, and gives a numeric value as the output. The numeric value is a score that determines the level of risk (vulnerability of mild to severe) that a person may have in contracting Covid-19.


When most of the world was already affected by surges of Covid-19, announced the release of the C-19 Index on March 16, 2020. Currently, in June, the AI model appears to have had a positive effect. According to’s co-founder, Dave DeCaprio, numerous health organizations are using C-19 as their main way of reaching out to those most vulnerable during the pandemic:

“Every time an organization says, ‘This (C-19) is the primary tool our care managers have been using to figure out who to reach out to,’ it feels great.” - Dave DeCaprio, co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of’s C-19 Index model will potentially save lives. With this AI technology, hospitals and healthcare organizations may be more prepared to deal with future waves of Covid-19; processes of medical resource allocation and the identification of those most at risk will go smoother.


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