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Welcome to Silicon.

In this day and age, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence have become the most important sectors for the continuance and defense of humanity. Gone are the days where you could trust anyone on the internet, or only see computers acting like humans in science-fiction movies. Instead of traditional warfare with men on the ground, war is being waged through cyber-attacks across international cyber-space. By the year 2030, it is estimated that 20 million human jobs will be replaced by AI. As technology rapidly progresses, we see the threats against our security and threats against humankind growing more unprecedented.


Silicon AI & Cybersecurity is aimed to keep up with the many changes occurring in the AI and Infosec industries. We are a blog and website that reports up to date news, teaching, career advice, and various content intended for AI and Cyber enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners alike.

We analyze and predict the impacts that AI and Cybersecurity will have on the future, exploring disruptions in economics, finance, government, military, communication, social relationships, private enterprise, media, and more. Overall, Silicon AI and Cybersecurity is devoted to training and educating the next generation of AI and Cyber masterminds. We offer free basic tutorials and materials on AI and Infosec topics. With this in mind, welcome to Silicon, and thank you for exploring AI and Cybersecurity with us!

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